C-STEMEC is a consortium of four STEM-focused
university centers in Chicago.
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The following principles describe and govern how C-STEMEC does our work:

  1. Importance. STEM education improvement is vital for our nation’s future. Children are inherently curious about exploring the natural world, and that exploration is described by the STEM disciplines. The development of an understanding of and appreciation for STEM can only be nurtured if all students learn STEM.
  2. Reform. Our school systems are not performing at the level needed by our state and our students. Improving STEM education outcomes must occur within the context of overall systemic reform.
  3. Improvement. Improvement is a process that must be managed. Context and history matter, particularly in an era of scarce resources.
  4. Instruction. To improve student outcomes, reforms must ultimately improve the quality of teaching to deliver instruction that works for students. Connections must be made from district and state changes to classrooms.
  5. Content matters. The nature of STEM disciplines implies particular strategies and objectives that are based on the specifics of these disciplines.
  6. Evidence matters. Our work will be based on the best available research, and the learning from program evaluation efforts.
  7. Equity. A necessary and appropriate goal is to improve access and opportunity for all.
  8. Experience. As C-STEMEC, we bring experience teaching, learning, and leading STEM education efforts. The breadth of our partnerships gives us access to any expertise needed to inform our policy statements.