C-STEMEC is a consortium of four STEM-focused
university centers in Chicago.
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Putting It All Together: Improving K-12 STEM Education In Illinois (C-STEMEC, October 2013)

Provides a set of recommendations for supporting K-12 Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) education implementation and advancement in Illinois.

Implementing The Next Generation Science Standards: Hallmarks of a Fully Realized School System (Jackson, et. al., October 2013)

Recently convened DePaul University working group details a set of recommendations for districts and schools around the upcoming transition to the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS).

Getting Serious About Implementing The Common Core Standards for Mathematics: An Implementation Guide for Schools and Districts in Illinois (C-STEMEC, June 2013)

Review of how the newly adopted Common Core State Standards for mathematics and accompanying PARCC assessments will have profound consequences for schools and districts.

Algebra and the Underprepared Learner (Lynn and Stoelinga, June 2013)

Study into the persistent inequities around minority and underserved student access to rigorous algebra due to issues around placement, preparation, and quality of instruction.

Improving Mathematics Teacher Preparation Policy in Illinois (Superfine, B. and Superfine A., June 2013)

Engages how Illinois continues to follow national trends by restructuring the curriculum of teacher preparation programs and testing requirements for future educators.

Toward Reforming Non-Credit-Bearing Remedial Mathematics Courses in Four-Year Universities (Larnell, June 2013)

Documents the critical role of non-credit-bearing remedial (NCBR) mathematics courses in both two- and four-year colleges and universities for helping unprepared students make a successful transition to higher education.