C-STEMEC is a consortium of four STEM-focused
university centers in Chicago.
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putting_it_all_together_coverImproving science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) education is critically important for Illinois and our children. Our world is defined in many ways by these disciplines, and in the future they will only play a larger role in the lives of the people of the Land of Lincoln. While there have been national and local improvements in some aspects of STEM educational outcomes, we are still not obtaining the results our students deserve. We believe now is the time for a concentrated effort within Illinois to improve PK-12 STEM teaching, learning, and leading.

In Putting It All Together, the C-STEMEC team describes a series of no-cost or low-cost actions that Illinois could do to improve K-12 STEM education, with a focus on three overarching recommendations: defining STEM for Illinois, implementing the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics and the Next Generation Science Standards, and management and governance of statewide STEM efforts.

Download Putting It All Together: Supporting K-12 STEM Education In Illinois.